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  • Newly minted PhD, Dr. Charlotte Glennie and Dr. Brinkley discuss food justice with the Italian-based Will Media in partnership with FoodUnfolded, EIT food, and the European Union


  • Research with Dr. Subhashni Raj as lead author highlighted for #WorldEnvironmentDay (2022) by the Belongg Research Collective’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative focused on the climate-driven #foodcrisis in India and abroad, as well as adaptation strategies that prioritize the #climateresilience of #marginalised groups
  • PhD candidate Alana Stein published research in Social CurrentsBarriers to Access: The Unencumbered Client in Private Food Assistance.
  • Dr. Subhashni Raj wins best Oral Presentation at UC Davis Postdoctoral Scholars Conference (2022)
  • Project Scientist, Jordana Fuchs-Chesney interviewed by Capital Public Radio about community food systems planning (2021)
  • PhD candidate Alana Stein and Dr. Brinkley interviewed by CapRadio about food security in Sacramento (October 2021)
  • Undergraduate researcher Alex Huynh progressed from Western Region Youth Poet Laureate to becoming America’s National Youth Poet Laureate in 2021. Below is her address to open a recent lab meeting and a recent interview with NPR.


  • Dr. Subhashni Raj, postdoctoral scholar, interviewed by PolyByDesign, a Bay area-based nonprofit whose mission is to promote positive Pacific Islander (PI) role models, health, wellness, and advocacy. ELFS labmate, Lia Poasa, a Community Development Geography Graduate student at UCDavis is a grant and program manager at PolybyDesign (2021).

Faika with Dr. Subhashni Raj!

  • Community Development Graduate Student, Grace Perry interview about the Food and Economic Development (FED) Plan for the City of Davis, a Mayoral Initiative co-led with Dr. Brinkley (February, 2019).