The research group emphasizes applied research with and for community stakeholders.  Check out lab team work here:


Undergraduate researcher, Alex Huynh‘s Poetry

  • Undergraduate ELFS member, over 2021 Alex Huynh progressed from Western Region Youth Poet Laureate to becoming America’s National Youth Poet Laureate. Below is her address to open a recent lab meeting and a recent interview with NPR.



  • Dr. Subhashni Raj was interviewed by PolyByDesign, a Bay area-based nonprofit whose mission is to promote positive Pacific Islander (PI) role models, health, wellness, and advocacy. ELFS labmate, Lia Poasa, a Community Development Geography Graduate student at UCDavis is a grant and program manager at PolybyDesign.

Faika with Dr. Subhashni Raj!


Community Development Graduate Student, Grace Perry interview