Our community food system guides aim to highlight the transparent market ties within local food systems. Many farms connect directly with their communities at farmers’ markets  and form relationships with local restaurants and institutions committed to supporting the community’s combined demands for a healthy diet, healthy soils, equitable employment, and sustainable development patterns. Transparent connections help reinforce community support for resilient farming practices, building a more just food system that meets the needs of ecosystems, farmers, farm workers, and consumers.

The California county-level community food system guides are produced in partnership with the California Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, the Edible Schoolyard Project, and the California Alliance of Farmers Markets

With additional partnership on the Sacramento, El Dorado and Placer guides from Valley Vision and generous funding support from the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

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El Dorado, Los Angeles , Placer , Sacramento , San Francisco , Santa Clara , Shasta, Nevada, Yolo

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This research has helped inform the following reports:

Methods: The data we collect represent general trends in local, transparent food supply chains. To gather information on fresh food sales and donations, the research team conducted a webscrape visiting every farm and market webpage  to note fresh food sales and donations. Farms and markets were included if they listed their direct sales and donations. Many farms sell through roadside stands. Our data collection would not have picked up these ties, or instances where farms sell through a broker who then sells on to institutions, such as cafeterias.

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Research Publications:

USDA Midsize Farms Impact Statement

USDA Midsize Farms Impact Statement